FAcebook Timeline

Emilio is from Valledupar Colombia, but brought his love of the arts to South Florida in 2002.

Aponte-Sierra was so committed to his craft and his community that when he graduated high school he earned a scholarship to Magdalena University for acting. Instead of majoring in the arts, he chose to major in Fishing Engineering with a specialty in environment planning.

He found his art mentor, Mary Luz Giraldo, while he was attending Magdalena University. She was the director of a private theater company and admired Aponte-Sierra’’s attention to detail. Aponte-Sierra was able to perfect his craft in Papier-mâché, Sewing and Origami, with her guidance. His body of work is created using three mediums: Paper Sculpture, Ink on Canvas and Manipulated Photography.

“My undergraduate degree has labeled me as a Fishing Engineer and my Masters Degree is what allows me to navigate the world of Guidance and Counseling, but art is at the center of my life and will continue to influence me and my work always”. – Emilio Aponte-Sierra